Reference Projects

According to the concept of Primetals, maintenance is carried out on the customer's caster,to achieve stable and smooth production, steadily improve equipment lifespan, and gradually improve product quality. Undertaking various projects related to casters, comprehensively improve the status of casters.

Reference Projects
Slab caster

Slab caster customers

· HBIS Laoting 3 slab casters
· HBIS Plant mill 3 slab casters
· Tangshan Quanfeng 1 thin slab caster
· HBIS Plate mill 3 slab casters full maintenance
· HBIS Chengde 2 slab casters
· FuJian Dingsheng 1 ESP caster

Long products caster

Long products caster customer

· HBIS Plate mill 1 billet caster

Need technical support

Customer need technical support

· Ansteel banana beam alignment and adjustment

· Tianjin steel banana beam aligment and adjustment

· Tangsteel  Stainless #1#2 mold HWAM

· Tangsteel 1810 speed up project (EMBr piping, copper plate,  adapters)

Looking for spare parts with high quality

Customer looking for spare parts with high quality

- Tangshan Quanfeng thin slab caster rollers production

· HBIS Laoting slabs caster rollers production

· Ansteel slabs  caster rollers production

· FuJian Dingsheng ESP caster rollers repair

· Hebei Taihang ESP caster rollers repair