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Tangshan, May 28, 2019



  • Primetals Tangshan Technology Services, herein called PTTS, will provide world class maintenance service to Quangfeng in the coming three years

On May, 28th ,2019, PTTS’s CEO Mr. Gao Xiaohui and Quanfeng’s vice president Mr. Shi Dongri signed a contract for continue caster maintenance service in Tangshan city, Hebei province. The initial contract period starts from June 1st, 2019 till May 31th 2022.

PTTS, a joint venture between Primetals Technologies and HBIS Tangshan Iron and Steel Group started in 2017, who is headquartered in Tangshan. PTTS has provided successful world class maintenance service and comprehensive production improvement program to Tangsteel’s casters for two years and developed new business in Hebei province smoothly. Tangshan Quanfeng started in 2019, who has owned a Primetals Technologies thin slab casters and desire maintenance service from China’s leading service provider to produce high quality thin slab products with highest yield and productivity. The two new ambitious companies met and built up strong relationship immediately to grow their footprint jointly in the Chinese steel market.

Wang GuiQuan, Chairman at Quanfeng parents company WinWin Group, Aashish Gupta, Chief Sales Officer and Karl Purkarthofer, Senior Vice President of Metallurgical Services of Primetals Technologies Group attended the signing ceremony.

In his speech, Chairman Wang pointed out, that the cooperation with Primetals Technologies through the joint collaboration and trust from both parties has overachieved all his expectations. With the extensive cooperation during operation of the plant based on a long-term service contract between Primetals Tangshan Technology Services and Tangshan QuanFeng, the competitiveness and quality of the products produced will set a new benchmark in the steel industry.

Chief Sales Officer of Primetals Technologies, Mr. Aashish Gupta, concluded: “As a lifecycle partner in the metals industry, Primetals Technologies strives for highest customer satisfaction. The long-term cooperation with Tangshan QuanFeng, a private owned customer, is a major milestone and will elevate the successful partnership between Tangshan QuanFeng and Primetals Technologies to a new level.”


PTTS with its 500 employees and international experts based in Tangshan will use proprietary Primetals Technologies’ metallurgical and maintenance technologies and know how, with the purpose of further improving Tangshan Quanfeng’s products’ quality. Tangshan Quanfeng will open a high-level market for thin slab casted products in the steel industry.



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