Introduction of technology and goods

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  • Only by combining technology introduction with digestion, absorption, and innovation can we quickly form independent innovation capabilities and break free from dependence on technology introduction. Therefore, some countries have significantly increased their investment in this area. Each project of technology introduction and equipment import must organize a specialized work team, including departments such as scientific research and design, equipment manufacturing, and production construction, establish a strict responsibility system, fully prepare, and implement cooperation conditions in all aspects
    We have introduced Pritt patented electromechanical products: crystallizer detector, vibration detector, taper meter, thermocouple detector, roll gap meter, sector roller laser alignment instrument. At the same time, we also recommend and assist customers in importing cash materials, spare parts, and technology.


     Improve equipment maintenance accuracy;

     Improve labor efficiency;

     Realize pre accident warning;

     Reduce the probability of operational errors;

     Transforming qualitative analysis into quantitative analysis