• 产品描述
  • The past maintenance philosophy was to only repair things that were not usable.
    We transform this concept into "general repair" and "partial repair".
    Introduce the concept of equipment refinement.
    Pritt's precision repair can achieve "old as new", and the process is as follows:
    Acceptance of casting equipment - flushing - entry inspection - frame separation - frame sandblasting
    Framework accuracy recovery - Framework assembly - Assembly confirmation - Final inspection - Send to site
    Therefore, we have established a dedicated inspection team to conduct a comprehensive inspection of the offline equipment and generate an inspection report. The planning department then develops a detailed maintenance plan that accurately describes the maintenance categories of the equipment.
    We have crystallizer and sector section maintenance bases at Tangsteel's first steel rolling plant, stainless steel company, and medium thick plate company. We have invested 15 million yuan in the stainless steel company to build sector section roller open arc welding and machining centers. We use the unique roller welding process of Primet, imported welding wire from Brazil, and advanced quality inspection instruments to ensure that the roller surface with long service life meets the needs of equipment precision repair. We have invested 5 million yuan to build a roller disassembly and assembly workshop in the Equipment and Mobility Department of Tangshan Iron and Steel Company. In accordance with the Primet assembly technology specifications and quality control standards, we ensure the overall reliable quality of the rollers and meet the production and quality needs of our customers. Within two years, the company plans to invest 20 million yuan in a new copper plate repair base in Leting, utilizing Pritt's proprietary technology to provide copper plate repair and long-life coating services for the steel markets in North China and Northeast China.