Steel making technology

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  • Not only do almost all joint steel mills in various regions use the LD process for carbon steel production, but special converters are also used for the production of high alloy steel, the treatment of high proportion scrap steel and direct reduced iron, and the treatment of high silicon molten iron. Pritt Metallurgical Technology provides various special converters, among which the important ones are bottom blown converters (which can also spray lime and coal) and combined blown converters. The characteristics of these converters are that the furnace bottom is equipped with natural gas cooling bottom blowing tuyeres, and is equipped with lime and coal injection equipment. The bottom blowing ensures excellent mixing effect of the molten pool, thereby bringing all metallurgical reactions close to equilibrium. Therefore, the process yield is higher than that of the converter using only top blowing, and process control is also easier.
    Pritt Metallurgical Technology is a supplier of special converters and has executed multiple projects in recent years. Especially in recent years, the equipment and automation level of the bottom blowing process have significantly improved, fully meeting the requirements of actual production standards. Jet technology is one of the new development achievements of special converters, which combines bottom blown converters with hot air systems. The hot air sprayed on the top of the furnace ensures that the injected coal is fully burned, and almost all the heat is transferred to the molten pool. As a result, the overall efficiency can reach over 50%, ensuring efficient production even if the scrap ratio is changed on a large scale. A client in Asia has recently executed a project on jet technology.