Cold rolling technology

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  • By joining the strip steel before entering the rolling mill, the tandem cold rolling mill can bring more advantages, such as:
    Increase production capacity
    Optimize yield
    Reduce roller consumption
    Increase production flexibility
    Achieve strict strip thickness and shape tolerances, as well as excellent surface quality
    Reduce operating and maintenance costs, and minimize downtime to the greatest extent possible
    Reduce the number of operators
    Reduce material deviation
    Eliminating the problem of steel strip threading
    The tandem cold rolling mill consists of 3-6 sequentially arranged frames, which continuously reduce the thickness of the strip steel in a single pass. The inlet side of the tandem cold rolling mill is equipped with a welding machine and a looper, which is used to continuously connect the hot rolled strip coils after acid washing. This enables the rolling mill to not only achieve high output, but also achieve extremely high quality levels and operational stability in fully automatic mode. It improves production efficiency and is used to produce a variety of steel grades, from ordinary building materials to automotive panels and other high-end materials.
    In order to reduce the weight of cars and improve fuel efficiency, the demand for high-strength and thin specification materials in the automotive industry is increasing. This puts higher demands on the performance of the rolling mill. For this reason, the 5-stand tandem cold rolling mill is directly connected to the pickling line in series, and all stands adopt a 6-roll UCM Mill (Universal Crown Control Rolling Mill) scheme as the standard configuration.
    The characteristics of UCM Mill are:
    Work roll bending roll
    Intermediate roll bending roll
    Middle roll shifting roll
    Large pressing amount
    Excellent shape control ability of strip steel
    Stable operation
    Reduction in spare parts for rolling mills
    High yield (reduced edge drop of steel strip)
    In order to meet the needs of high-speed rolling, a Carousel type coiler is used on the outlet side of the rolling mill to coil the strip steel. Two core shafts ensure that after one coil is completed and cut, the second core shaft immediately receives the subsequent strip steel, without the need for the rolling mill to stop.