Continuous casting and rolling

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  • Thanks to the unique design and equipment configuration of the ESP line, uninterrupted rolling of high-quality strip steel has been achieved for the first time. Due to the extremely compact layout of the ESP line (with a total length of only 180 meters, directly connected by continuous casting and rolling processes), the investment and operating costs are significantly reduced compared to traditional thin slab continuous casting and rolling lines.
    Continuous rolling ensures uniform, stable, and highly reproducible mechanical properties along the entire length of the strip, and minimizes yield loss due to the almost elimination of shear at the head and tail of the strip. Another decisive advantage is that it ensures the continuity of rolling, keeping the gap and rolling force constant throughout the entire rolling process, thereby extending the service life of the rollers. This is in stark contrast to the severe roller wear caused by the discontinuous rolling of a single intermediate billet.
    The ESP line is an ideal solution for both short process steel mills and existing steel mills that need to expand their annual production capacity by around 3 million tons.
    Main equipment and characteristics
    Thin slab continuous casting using a straight crystallizer with a thickness of 90-110 mm
    Casting with liquid core pressure, achieving a thickness of 70-90 mm
    Online large reduction rolling mill to further reduce the casting flow to an intermediate billet thickness of 10-20 mm
    Induction heating ensures suitable temperature conditions for precision rolling
    High-pressure descaling
    5-stand continuous finishing mill to achieve the final thickness of the strip steel
    Strip laminar cooling system
    High speed cutting and shearing, cutting the strip steel before coiling
    Underground coiling machine